“I had the pleasure of meeting Michael during the 2018 Municipal election campaign.  It would have been a pleasure working with him on the 2018/2022 City Council but that was not to be.  I encouraged him to consider running in this year’s election and am delighted that he decided to be a candidate.  I thought back to when I was his age and realized that our volunteer contributions to the community are very similar.  I am supporting Michael and ask that the Citizens of Nanaimo to include him in your choices for City Council.”

Jim Turley

Retiring Nanaimo City Councillor and former Nanaimo small business owner

“I supported Michael Ribicic in 2018 and I am delighted to be supporting him here again in 2022. Michael brings with him an exceptional amount of community board and community experience, along with a wealth of knowledge around the political system and how to navigate the various processes. He’s hard working, dedicated, thoughtful, and logical, and wise beyond his years. He is exactly the type of person that I believe Nanaimo would benefit from having on City Council and I hope that citizens of Nanaimo make him one of their choices in the forthcoming election.”

Dr. Andrew Weaver

Award winning Climate Scientist and former Provincial Third Party Leader

“I have known Michael Ribicic for over 10 years and though more than 50
years his senior, I value him as a friend and feel privileged to add my
voice to hundreds of others who have been following his incredible journey
of service to Nanaimo and region.

Michael is highly respected by those who have had the honour to serve with
him on the many boards, committees, and other organizations he has
dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours to serve on.  His dedication and
determination have already made a difference in the day-to day lives of
citizens in Nanaimo and region.

Michael is a serious and highly qualified candidate for Nanaimo City
Council, who if elected, will continue to play a key role to ensure that
Nanaimo has an exciting and prosperous future.”

Diana Johnstone

Former Nanaimo City Councillor and Freeman of the City

“Michael is a very forward thinking person with good listening skills. He does his research and makes responsible decisions based on the greater good. I believe Michael will be a valuable addition to our City Council.”

Joy Cameron

Former Nanaimo City Councillor and former Chair of the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce


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