Homelessness and Social Disorder:

Although homelessness and social disorder arguably fall outside of the community charter, it is our responsibility as councillors to be advocates of addressing the on-going issue. Once elected, I will work collaboratively with other levels of government and non-profits to find an effective multi-agency solution. 

Social disorder is something that has really impacted our city over the last decade. It has caused some citizens to feel unsafe and has caused many Nanaimoites to be afraid to go and enjoy our beautiful downtown – hindering businesses, tourism, and community. 

As your councillor, I will:

  • Advocate for more security measures, including looking at increasing our funding for community policing initiatives; while at the same time, addressing the underlying issues that have created the problem that we see today. I.E., mental health, addiction, poverty, etc.
  • Hold the province accountable when it comes to getting more resources for those in need in our community.
  • Take this issue seriously and work hard on identifying ways forward that go beyond band-aid solutions. We need to think long-term, not just short-term moving forward.

Affordable Housing:

Nobody can deny that Nanaimo is in an affordable housing crisis. Businesses are having a hard time keeping staff and the employees they do keep are spending most of their pay cheques on rent. This is hurting many people in our community, especially young families. Many young people that have recently graduated from VIU can’t afford to live in their own city. The list goes on, but at the end of the day, this is an issue being felt by everyone.

As your councillor, I will:

  • Support provincial, federal, and non-profit initiatives. I will work collaboratively with these entities along with BC Housing. I will pay attention to other municipalities’ efforts and examples of what has worked.
  • Consider and incorporate “supply and demand” when talking about Nanaimo’s affordability crisis. We need to have a larger market with diversification.


  • Once elected, I will review the policies and procedures that make up the development approvals process to speed up the permit processing times.
  • This will help alleviate issues such as Nanaimo’s lack of housing supply.


The city’s new official community plan focuses heavily on the environment. When it comes to the environment and climate change, everything is interconnected. These areas of focus in my opinion, help not only the environment, but promote a healthier economy and community:

As your councillor, I will:

  • Work with elements of the OCP that have identified walkable neighbourhoods and support alternative transportation infrastructure.
  • Work collaboratively with the RDN and the province to advocate for increased and more frequent bus service. Along with ensuring that there are bus routes that service the needs of Nanaimoites such as seniors and students. People shouldn’t be excluded from participating in our community just because they do not have access to a vehicle.
  • Create comprehensive park and beach land plans that would be in a similar style of existing neighborhood plans. The plans would democratize the planning of our open parks and give people a voice as to what gets implemented.
  • Support the city’s effort to achieve clean built infrastructure.
  • Identify when and where complete streets need to be built and implementing them when the infrastructure needs upgrading.
  • Advocate for the federal government and the Nanaimo Port Authority to get funding and movement on the Nanaimo waterfront walkway project.
  • Look at ways to attract clean industry in Nanaimo and retaining it.


The youth are our future. Without them, what direction are we heading in? With being a university town, we should be able to keep our town youthful, energetic, and talented. However, many youth in the community are unable to stay here for their careers and often feel unheard. On top of that, many feel that their needs aren’t being met.

As your councillor, I will:

  • Bring back the Nanaimo Youth Advisory Council and look at other ways to make sure that our youth are heard and listened to when it comes to city planning and business.
  • Work at keeping and maintaining youth because it is economically important as well. We need to be able to attract and retain our young talent.

Fiscal Responsibility:

As your councillor, I will:

  • Advocate for no wasteful spending and will always thoroughly examine the budgets to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being allocated efficiently and effectively. That way, your tax dollar money is spent in ways that matter.
  • Ask myself before approving developments if the project proposed will be a net-gain for the city or a net-loss.
  • Always vote with the tax payers in mind.

Arts and Culture:

I believe that a strength of a city can be found in the vibrancy of its community. Nanaimo has always been rich when it comes to arts and culture. As a director of the Nanaimo Art Gallery and a local music lover, I have a full appreciation for arts and culture in our community and recognize the huge impact it can have when it comes to enriching our lives and the tourism industry.

As your councillor, I will:

  • Make sure that the parks and recreation and culture department have the tools and resources it needs to promote civic life to its full potential.
  • Work with the city’s new OCP when it comes to doing things such as adding more local public art and space.
  • Encourage developers to contribute more public art through their projects.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness:

Nanaimo is a very diverse city and our governance should reflect that. 

As your councillor, I will:

  • Strengthen diversity on our city boards and committees.
  • Look at ways to make our city a more inclusive and welcoming one.
  • Ensure that new builds and transportation options are universally accessible to all.

Strengthening Community Relationships:

Relationships matter. Without strong relationships with various stakeholders and other levels of government, there is not much council can achieve when it comes to tackling the bigger issues in our city. 

As your councillor, I will:

  • Work at strengthening and maintaining relationships with the federal and provincial government, surrounding indigenous communities, VIU, the Port Authority, the Nanaimo Airport, the Chamber, the Nanaimo Hospital, and non-profits along with other various stakeholders in our community.